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Week by Week

January 31st, 2010 at 08:39 pm

Just thought I would share how we do our money week by week.

Every Friday when my dh gets paid I take out $400 for that week. We start our week on Friday, because we like to have lots of money to spend on the weekend then scrimp during the week. AND when that money is gone, we only take more money out if we really really really need something. I know this might not be strict enough for most but it has got us out of debt .


January 30th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

We are *DEBT FREE as of this morning. I paid the last $1,000 just hours ago. Who would have thought two years ago this girl would ever be standing here. AND it all started with one little computer click of "Living beneath your means", and the adventure had began.

Now we are going to get me a newer snowmobile. Our income tax return will be $2,500 and next month we will have another $2,000 from my paycheck to go with it. Crossfire here I come.

Then we will start putting $500 away every month to take everyone to Disneyland or Disney words. It will only take two years and we will have $12,000 to help take everyone the see M I C K E Y M O U S E.

AND I know One Day at a Time, we will never be in debt again because this last two years have taught us tons.

*Except our house. Which we owe under $55,000 on, with an interest rate of 4.78%. We will start paying a little extra each month on it.