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It's been a year, since my last post.

December 29th, 2009 at 09:15 am

Just in case you might like to know what's happened with me and my Living Beneath my Means money adventure....Here Goes....

Here are the bills we had when I started my journey

-$11,000 CC at 0%interest for next 10 months with large possibility of keeping it 0% until paid off

-$18,000 car loan at 6.99% (paid $100 in interest this month and last month)

-$8,000 car loan at 6.24% (paid $50 in interest this month and last month)

New money stuff

-$3,500 for new hearing aides (also paid off during my year away.

-$1,000 to our son to help with wedding

For a grand total of $41,500 plus lots of interest.

OK where are we now (medium size drum roll please) We are now almost completely debt free (except our house which we will work on next). Everything is paid off except the last $1,000 dollars on the 0% interest CC. And that will be paid off by Febuary if not sooner.

Soooooooooooo, I figure we have paid off about $50,000 including interest in just under two years. AND we still lived pretty good during that time.