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May 3rd, 2008 at 03:56 am

Had an interesting experience today. Was wondering if any others have had it.

Needed to do some OK spending but was overwhelmed with feeling of you’re blowing it..............I'm a teacher and each year we have $250 that we need to spend by June 1 or we loose it......you spend your own money first then are reimbursed at the end of July for your purchases. Guess it freaked me out because I was buying fun items that I would not have bought without the school money combined with the lag between my paying for it and being reimbursed.

I also am getting ready to pay for the classes I will be taking this summer about $1000 worth. In fact that guard part of me is making me feel like I have to justify why I am spending this money. (well guard part the classes will eventually make me more money)

The really cool part is I will be able to pay cash for all of it........where as before I always charged it. Then had to really scramble to get it paid off before interest was charged.

Another thought as to why it might be bothering me.......I am on a real roll on paying on my focus loan and accumulating savings and these expenditures will slow that down momentarily. In fact the school stuff will came out of saving and be paid back in July.

PS with alittle of the $250 I bought a remote headset for my computer so I can listen to fun things while I do my planning. I also bought little recorders so the kidos can have fun recording themselves reading..........anything to get them to read and especially REREAD.

Oh well it's all part of the Fun Fun Fun journey.