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Went out to lunch

July 27th, 2008 at 08:02 am

We went out to lunch yesterday. I wanted nachos. I don't eat that kind of food often, so if I was going to indulge I wanted great nachos. Hence I went to the last place I had great nachos....They had quite serving nachos, but they had something close so I ordered it. We had an OK lunch.

We will not be going out to lunch again anytime soon. We don't go out to lunch often and now I remember why; It's a waste of money. Boy have I changed. We use to go out all the time in our last life.

I don't feel quilty because we make good money and can aford to go out to eat if we want. I just feel like I wasted $32 that could have been spent in a more fun way. I could make a list of other things I would rather have done.

The craziest part is I just waited two weeks for my DH's paycheck to come so we could buy a new tubing tube.

Then turned around and wasted half the price of the tube again on going out to lunch, which was good but not that good.

Oh well not a big deal. And it cool to see how much we have changed, since we became. Living beneath our means fiends.

Also I just started keeping a running tally on the fridge of where my DH weekly check goes, so I will have to look at the silly $32 we threw away at going out to lunch.

1 Responses to “Went out to lunch”

  1. cargirl86 Says:

    I know how you feel ... I used to like to treat myself to lunch on Thursdays, and this last Thursday it came to $8.88 ... it definitely was NOT worth $9. (A turkey sandwich with some chips? It wasn't even toasted!) I'm getting to the point where if I treat myself to eating out, it's going to be at a place I enjoy and it's going to be good.

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