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Immediate Money Goals

July 10th, 2008 at 10:37 am

Things are going spectacular..just got back from our non-scrimping camping trip that we had more than enough to pay cash for.

So now we're back and focusing on living below our means again so I can pay $350 plus $100 *daycare for the **class I'm taking next week without using our EF. I know we can do this we just need to only buy that which we really need this week and next.

Right now we have $470 in our general bank account. And my dh gets paid at least $500 tomorrow. So we just need to not buy any wants even really really wants for about a week. Were up to the challenge!!!

*The daycare is for my grand daughter who is keeping grandma company a lot this summer.
**I need to take this class because I'm a teacher and need it to top out on the pay scale.

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