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Shopping for Groceries

April 4th, 2008 at 03:40 pm

I also love grocery shopping and especially getting groceries for half price or almost. My new game is seeing how close to half price I can get things, then stocking up a little. I never buy things JUST because its half price though.

We hardly ever buy sweets or snacks because we eat very healthy not veggan or anything. In fact my dh is the almighty hunter and gatherer. But I am alergic to sugar and my dh is not a big sugar eater so that makes what we buy pretty healthy. Actually right now the only things snack like we have in the house our regular doritos, chex mix, and pudding. And all of those are pretty healthy as far as snacks go.
I set up a little extra area in the basement for my stock ups. All I have down there now are two boxes of taco shells that I got for 1$ a box.

I started getting the paper on Wednesday so I could have the food ads so I can see where what we need is the cheapest. I pass by all the stores on my way to work so it's not out of my way.

I love games and I know this one is going to really bring down our grocery bill and still have us eating great.

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