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A Womans Prerogative

June 23rd, 2008 at 02:56 am

Beings it's a womans prerogative to change her mind.......I've done just that. In fact, I'm a pro at it....... but only two have to do with my financial situation at this point. Hence, I'm going to share those with you. We have gone back to not charging anything...I use my debt card instead. I was listening to Mr. Ramsey and he was talking about the emotional conection that goes with charging "for most".......and I decided that I belong in that catagory.....the "for most" catagory. So for me not charging is the best for my emotionally.

The other turn around is with an emergency fund. I have started building an emergency fund. Now I still believe the happy I am the less emergencies that happen to me......but at times I let my happiness guard down and things break like the washing machine and the lawn mower. And it sure helps my peace of mind to have the money on hand to cover them.

My emergency fund is $1000 at this time and keeping it there is my number one priority.

Now I just want to brag a little about how well we are doing on paying off our focus loan we have paid an extra $5,000 since FEB.......That's 50 extra 100 dollar bills we have come up with in about 5 month (who would have thought it would be so easy....not this girl......or i would have started this long ago) And we are not living on exactly "beans and rice".

Well maybe not exactly steak and lobster either......well not every night anyway.

Catching up.

June 21st, 2008 at 08:09 am

Everything has been going really well since in last posted. It's all becoming my new way of life. Here are the catogories I have settled on that work best for me when managing my money. I do this all on a free site called ezpiggy.

house payment
discover card
Auto boat insurance
auto pymt
life insurance
heat lights
(The above are all the ones that stay the same every month....next are the ones that I have a budget for but remain flexible with)
Groceries $600
Auto Gas his $125
auto gas hers $125
Intertain and rec $500
Needs and really really really wants

This works great for my needs.

I can't even put into words how much better I feel since starting this journey. There is not a part of my life that it has not impacted. It's like a rubics cube (remember those) because when i make one even small move everything shifts.

Example I usually spend tons on flowers for the yard every spring. And this year I'm really into appreciating what is there already. I spent a couple dollars on seeds which are kind of coming up. and $4 on some fake flowers for my planter.

Now I have not said no flowers but it just has not seemed very important. My yard has tons of flowers in it anyway.........but I have been really really really enjoying everyones elses flowers more than ever.

I have not bought any new clothes since my journey started......again not because I have told myself no but because I have realized I already have tons of really cut clothes already.