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A Free ride and saving gas

April 6th, 2008 at 06:19 am

We went snowmobiing Friday and when we got up there the Artic Cat snowmobile tour machines were up there. So we got to pick a machine and do a demo ride. It was only suppose to be a 20 to 30 minute ride but........they had us out for 2.5 hours. AND I found out I could easily get use to riding a big machine......(when we can afford to pay cash of course). I did not feel tempted at all....I was able to enjoy it for what it was an exciting free ride and great gas savings. Because I still really love my little $800 machine and it loves me.

Me and my little machine......see how much fun we have together. Now I bet that big machine would not do this for me!!

1 Responses to “A Free ride and saving gas”

  1. littlemama Says:

    Wow! That looks like great fun!

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