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Playing the charging game

April 3rd, 2008 at 02:54 am

I think I'm about ready to start playing my charging game again.

We have a Southwest card that I use to run everything I can through to get those free flights. We regularly get two, almost free flights a year (I say almost because there is a $50 yearly fee on the card (and no they won't remove it I tried but it's still a great deal)).

And now that we have our finances straighened out and a plan in place, I think its time to jump back into that game.

This is my plan for playing the charging game again .... as soon as I charge an item I will record it as if the money is already spent......(which it is duh) SmileI use a free program called ezpiggy to record everything.

Then instead of looking at my bank account balance to see how much money we have spent and have left, I will look at my ezpiggy account for that info.

We seem to have more money to spend now that we are not spending as much. Kind of a crazy "catch 22" Smile

Here's some place I could go on one of my free flights.

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