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End of the month living.

March 24th, 2008 at 05:20 pm

As I continue on my new managing money adventure, I find myself asking what feels right for now. And now, for me, is figure out what the end of the month living adventure might look like. And what feel right for now is buying all that I need by dipping into my cushion money and NOT buying anything I want.... even if I really really really want it. Example I really really really want to get my nails redone and they need a full do......which runs about $30. That will have to wait until our next pay check because cushion money is best not spent for want items even, really really really want, want items. So my nails will look tacky until atleast the weekend. Now on the other hand I needed apples, I eat a ton of apples, and the farmer market has tasty, crisp fugi apples by the box for 55 cents a pound which is a great price if you buy a box, so I purchased a box. The apples I bought a week ago were $1.79 a pound, hence this is truely an exceptionial deal.

Now for the happy picture of the day.

Spring is on its way. In fact my crocous are up.
For more picture inspiration check out my friends site.

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