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Feeling great!!

March 22nd, 2008 at 03:31 am

HB got paid was able to pay medium medical bill off and apply $200 towards our focus CC. We also applied $2000 that was in saving to that CC also taking it from $8000 to to $5800. Taking stock of where we set right now
-we have $20 left in regular budget for food for the month.
-$80 left for intertainment-rec. we will be going snowmobiling maybe both days if money allows enough gas.
-$200 padding in checking just incase.
-$1000 in savings
-all bills but 1 paid (i think)

It sure feels good to be so in control and on top of this in a flexible, loving it kind of way.

Me day dreaming about laying on a beautiful beach instead of worrying about moneySmile

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