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Easter Dinner Part 1

March 19th, 2008 at 01:53 am

I have decided to have Easter at my house.

And I am choosing to have a simple and inexpensive dinnler. This is what I am supplying.

-Pistachio Salad
-green bean and almond hot veggie(bought - at Walmart in the freezer section ......this is a "to live for veggie treat" and you just open the bag and stir fry)
-a couple bottles of pop
I am expecting it to be very low cost. (I will do an easter dinner part 2 once i have bought the stuff and know the cost)

I was supplying the potato salad too but my brother begged to bring it.......and I leaped at the chance to let him.Smile

and i have told everyone coming to bring whatever else they want.........I am into low maintance living.

I am not considering this part of my food budget......It's will go under my Misc. needs catagory.

I have asked my daughter to bring the candy as I also weigh and measure my food and candy is not something i mess with.

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