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My Budget for now

March 16th, 2008 at 11:46 am

House house pymt 942
Loans discover 250
Automobile Auto Gas his 150
auto gas hers 150
auto pymts 749
auto boat insurance 290
Utilities Phone 115
TV/Cable 130
aol. 15
heat lights 200
sewer 38
Food Groceries 500
Family mom 50
Other life insurance 120
Intertain-rec 400
church 50
misc. needs 500
Total 4649

Income me $3,400
his 2.000+ overtime
Total $5,400+

4 Responses to “My Budget for now”


    Is that auto boat insurance every month? Ouch! How often do you actually use your boat? Unless it is every single weekend, I would question whether you need and whether renting a boat would work when you want to use it. Your entertainment and recreation category also sounds very high. In addition, does your husband have overtime every month? You may not want to base your budget on his overtime, because what happens if he does not have overtime and you still have bills coming in that would come out of that?

  2. cheshirecat Says:

    thanks for your response........the boat insurance is only $14 a month and the boat is paid off. the other part is auto insurance for three cars (mine carries full coverage as does our recreation truck....but as soon as we finish paying off its loan we will drop comp......our little beater truck that my husband drives only carries libality) plus my son's which he pays us back for.

    we are very into recreation and for us life is about having fun, while living beneath our means.

    the income for my dh was before overtime. yes he can get almost as much over time as he wants.

  3. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Savings and retirement plans? Are those w/i your pay-packages at work?

  4. cheshirecat Says:

    yes, i have my teachers retirement with matching funds. and I have an extra $400 taken out of my check every month that goes into a 401k. so the $3,400 a month is after that is all taken out. i also have something called a veba trust that my district puts $30ish dollars into each month that can be used for medical expenses now or after i retire. i'm saving it of course. i have been teaching almost 30 years but i love my job so much i plan on continuing for maybe ten more years, so i have tons of time to enjoy now imensely and still get ahead.....especially now the I'm managing my money so well.

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